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The Wine Cellar
25 years - Thomas Walk Vineyard !

Currently the following wines from our wine cellar may be enjoyed.
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Price List 2017
Wine Vintage Bottle Price/Bottle
incl.19% German VAT
Ruby 2010 1,0 ltr. € 33,00 In stock
Ruby 2013 0,75 ltr. € 24,80 In stock
Ruby 2014 0,75 ltr. € 24,80 In stock
Velvet 2013 0,75 ltr. € 24,80 In stock
Clairet 2014 0,75 ltr. € 24,80 In stock

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Please note: We use both the familiar 0,75 litre bottles and 1,00 litre bottles. These are quite popular on the European continent and the Walk Vineyard family like to use it themselves.  Naturally, the size of bottle has no impact on the quality of the content !

Our wineglass with the

Thomas Walk Vineyard family crest
will provide the special ambience
for the enjoyment of our unique wines.

€ 9,00/Glas

Out of stock
Customised bottles
Should you wish to personalise your wine for a special occasion, customised bottles are available at the additionl charge of € 5,00/ bottle. Customising is free of charge if you order 6 bottles or more of the same wine. Click on the lable below for a sample personalised label.

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For questions or wine orders just send us an email or use the contact or order form.

For transport we use bottle packaging units holding 3, 6 or 12 bottles to ensure your delivery arrives safely. Shipping charges vary according to unit size. You may combine any wine and / or wine glasses in your order. We will always use the next biggest size for packaging. To allow as much variety as possible in your order, we are happy to help you with your choice at any time. 
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Thomas Walk Vineyard
Thomas Walk Vineyard
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Ruby 2013_lable
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Velvet 2013_lable
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Clairet 2014_lable
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Notes for your wine tasting

When comparing our Ruby vintages you will note that they develop in terms of roundness and body over the years. This is already apparent in our Ruby 2010 vintage, which is now almost 7 years old, in comparison to the relative youth of a Ruby 2013 or 2014. For all those who have the patience to wait, ten years or more to mature are no problem for Thomas Walk Vineyard Ruby wines - in fact, they gain by maturing. Even our first vintage from 1989 is of a unique quality after 25 years.

By contrast the Thomas Walk Vineyard Velvet and Clairet wines are low in tannins and may be enjoyed cool or at room temperature. The taste of our wines is reminiscent of dark cherries, however they may well stimulate the palate in a new and different manner. Connoisseurs of red wine are used to enjoying wines from France, Italy, Spain or a non-European provenance. Our Irish wines may well be like a discovery of new territory in terms of taste, as a result of the purity of the grape, the characteristics of the soil, and the microclimate of the Thomas Walk Vineyard "terroir". The more often you enjoy these wines, the more the distinct characteristics will become apparent - a unique indulgence!

Enjoy your wine tasting

Wine tasting videos from Andreas Larsson - Best Sommelier of the World (2007 ASI) - about our

"Ruby" 2013          and         "Velvet" 2013