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Ecology and Sustainability at Thomas Walk Vineyard
Thomas Walk Vineyard differs substantially from conventional wineries in terms of ecology and sustainability.
In fact, the winery exceeds the standards required for organic wine-making in various respects. The table below indicates where the differences between convential wine-making, organic wine-making and Thomas Walk Vineyard may be found.

  Convential Wine-making Organic Wine-making Thomas Walk Vineyard


Yes, often unavoidable since  constricted to wine-growing areas

In the midst of natural green

Frequent use of environmentally harmful fertilizer Organic fertilizer Nutrient supply from within the vineyard

Pest Control
Frequent use of pesticides Limited use of only a few
permitted pesticides
No pesticides
Fungal Attacks
Frequent use of fungicides
Limited use of only a few
permitted fungicides
No fungicides
Ground Cultivation
Ground kept clean with mechanical methods and / or herbicides

Selective vegetation Use of natural vegetation
as mulch during vegitation period
Pruning At wine-maker’s discretion At wine-maker’s discretion Minimal pruning,
fallow land every
3-4 years
Flora and Fauna Little plant diversity
According to vegetation selected

Substantial plant diversity and animal life – natural green

Production Cycle
Low-pollutant output or waste cannot be guaranteed

Strives for
output and waste
Closed cycle
Recycling of natural waste
25 years - Thomas Walk Vineyard !
Thomas Walk Vineyard
Thomas Walk Vineyard