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25 Jahre - Thomas Walk Vineyard !
At the wine awards 2015 of 

Thomas Walk Vineyard  has achieved 3 awards for his organic wines:

PIWI is international association for the promotion of fungus resitant grape varieties. In order to enable the further dissemination of fungus resistant grape varieties, PIWI encourages the collection and exchange of information between research institutes, grape breeders and refiners of grapes, vine growers and manufacturers of fungus-resitant varieties. With those varieties the vine growers can dispense with crop spraying against funi more or less completely - very much to the benefit of the wine lovers.
Ruby 2010 - Silver

Ruby 2013 - Silver

Velvet 2013 - Gold
Ruby 2010 Certificate
Ruby 2013 Certificate
Velvet 2013 Certificate
Silver Medal 2015_eng
Silver Medal 2015_eng
Gold Medal 2015_eng
Thomas Walk Vineyard
Thomas Walk Vineyard
Certificate Walk (600 x 571)
Certificate-Walk-Schick (600 x 643)
Awarding the certificates at ProWein 2016